The savoy family

Hey y'all, my name is Sasha and I am The Mushy Mommy! TMM was founded in 2012 while I was expecting my first daughter. It became my place to blog about pregnancy and life before a baby arrives; my blog became another "baby." 

Soon after I had my baby, so many instincts in me kicked in that I wasn't aware of. I was always natural minded, but I really started to take note at everything around us. TMM quickly became a popular green living, mommy blog that was a portal for mothers to find all sorts of rambles on motherhood, breastfeeding, eco friendly living, etc... as I also changed the way I lived. 

Soon before baby two arrived, I decided to pursue my longtime dream of owning my own business AND continuing to stay at home with my children by opening an online store to sell the brands and products I was so passionate about. We are still somewhat of a "start up" business, running a small online store that reaches a HUGE audience: YOU. There's huge dreams lying in that business and there's so much potential to change lives and health, by providing you with the products we believe are the safest and most effective. Each order is met with a major happy dance and each and every order is packed with a smile and lots of Mushy love!

But I still wanted something else...

Because blogging and writing is such a huge passion of mine and because creating a community, a village, of mothers and a place for mothers to come to, I created The Mushy Mommy Village. I wanted a place for moms to get ALL sorts of advice, a place that was user friendly, a place that didn't judge your level of natural mindness, but instead just provided you ANY sort of information you needed. I also wanted a place where my voice wasn't the only voice heard, BUT yours was heard as well. 

Our viillage is a place for mothers to support each other, share their own experiences, advice and stories. It's a place where Mom Wars don't exist and imperfections are embraced. 

While we are a natural minded village, our village is open to all and I sincerely thank you for joining us! 

We ask you to share any birth story, breastfeeding journey or more with us. Email us at to learn more about having your story on our blog. 

Our blog is also currently open to affiliates, reviews and sponsored posts. 

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our small business. 

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our small business. 


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