Why Essential Oils? Why Not?

It’s the healing hands (along with doctors at times no doubt) that were placed here to help aide us when having faith just wasn’t enough. We can’t see, or taste, or smell or touch faith...but we can do these things with nature. And that’s close enough to God for me.
— Sasha, The Mushy Mommy
email me at themushymommy@gmail.com for more information on oils or visit our links

email me at themushymommy@gmail.com for more information on oils or visit our links

Almost three years ago I went to a friend's house to hear about essential oils. I had no clue about them other than that they were something natural and I knew there would be yummy food there and good company. So of course, I went! 

I've always been rather natural minded but having my first child made that more of what defines me. Hearing this awesome woman talk about oils and all of the amazing things that they did naturally had me hooked immediately. It was amazing to hear about what these oils were doing for her and her family as well as so many others.

I took all of my information home and shared it with my husband to which he somewhat looked at me like I was a little crazy. He was definitely a skeptic. But since my birthday was about a month away, we agreed that the starter kit would be my birthday present that year. 

Three years and two pregnancies have passed. My first pregnancy came almost immediately after purchasing the kit to which I veered on the overly cautious side and didn't really fool much with my oils. After having my baby it took a few months, but I finally started digging back into them and was ready to hit the business side when I was then pregnant again. 

I used my oils a bit during my last pregnancy (they helped with my pneumonia) and so did my children of course. But I suppose even when pregnant you still have a wall of caution up, especially in those beginning months. But now that I'm no longer pregnant, it's all the oils, all the time. It's hitting the ground running to build my team and share these amazing, little things with the world. I've known and experienced their amazingness for so long, and now I want to share. And even in my short time of building my team these past few months, I'm already hearing amazing testimonies of what these oils are doing for some when other approaches didn't work. 

So why essential oils? 

Why not? That's what I want to know. 

Why not turn to God's medicine? Why not turn to nature's medicine? Why not turn to natural? Don't get me wrong, I am not against modern medicine and totally see and admire the place that it has in our lives - at times. Unfortunately I do believe as a modern society we are too quick to turn to medicine for the little things. Some of us look at oils or natural products or organic food and think of it all as a "fad." But I don't think I've ever seen a fad last quite so long and steadily grow and grow and grow. 

People today are beginning to open their eyes. They're beginning to research the ingredients in their products and they are beginning to reach out more for the natural and organic labels. And then there are people who are turning to essential oils, herbs and the like for healing and therapeutic purposes. We are beginning to return to a place of homemade beeswax candles, whole foods and peppermint for colds. We are realizing that God placed these items here for a reason. It's not accident that the trees and plants and flowers and more around us have these amazing properties to help us. It was God's way of providing a healing touch on earth for us when he wasn't able to be here visibly for us. 

We needed something to touch, to smell and to see. We needed to know that there was something we could use with our senses, together with our faith, to help us. God knew that. Humans need "things" and seeing is believing, right? That's why I feel essential oils are here for us. It's the healing hands (along with doctors at times no doubt) that were placed here to help aide us when having faith just wasn't enough. We can't see, or taste, or smell or touch faith...but we can do these things with nature. And that's close enough to God to me. 

So why not? Why not embark on a natural journey to wellness? Why not try something that others are continually giving their testimonies about? Why not see if essential oils can possibly help with the things we may need some assistance with? Why not nix the chemicals and the artificial, toxic ingredients and replace them with nature? 

So why not? Begin your journey or at least feed your curiosity.

And let's use what God gave us. 

For more on oils or to begin your journey and join me, either email me at themushymommy@gmail.com or follow this link to sign up as a Member. 

Life With Three (So Far)

I've already started receiving questions from readers and followers about the transition to life with three children and while it's only been a month really, I decided to write a small post on it as well as sharing glimpses of our family. 

So life with three children...all under the age of four...ahhhh. 

Let's see, where do I start...

I will start with a very common thing that I have heard from other mothers. Two was a much harder transition than three. Period. 

I know it seems bizarre that two would be harder than three, but it was. I remember the weekend we returned home from the hospital with my second, I sat on the verge of tears what felt like for forever. Tears because I felt anxiety about my husband going back to work on Monday, tears because I just knew I couldn't do this and tears because of feelings I felt in regards to expanding my heart (which you can read more of here). 

Two was hard for awhile. I called my mom crying many days and she'd come over and help us. I felt like there wasn't enough of me to go around and I felt like I'd NEVER find a routine and get the hang of it.


Well I am here to tell you that with three, it's easier. In fact had it not been for one bad week of toddler bed transitions for my middle child, I may have never cried this whole postpartum period. In fact, there wouldn't have really been "hard" days had it not been for her fighting me daily at nap time (FYI do NOT do any major transitions after a baby arrives). 

While yes I knew life was about to get crazy and chaotic, I never had that overwhelming feeling that I "couldn't do it." I knew I could. I knew I would eventually find a routine and get things together. I knew I would eventually sleep again. And while we aren't really there yet, I still know we will be one day. I know now that the hard days come few and far eventually and then you're left with nothing but amazing, joyful days. Then the hard days are just a distant memory and you go around telling everyone to have all the babies because it's a "piece of cake." Okay, maybe I exaggerated there. 

I'll also add that what it truly takes is support. Having a supportive partner who is hands on and willing to take your older kids out and about or someone who does their baths and dinners, is such a help. My husband has been amazing, along with my parents truly stepping in when needed. Lastly, you need oils and prayers.

Pray to be a good mother with patience, understanding, laughter and rest. Pray to take in the moments and not the hardships.

And oils... I just can't say enough about how much my essential oils have helped me through this postpartum period. They have kept many mothers from turning to medication, or weaning off of it, and while I've never needed medication - it sure helps to keep me in check! To read more on that from me, check this post out

I try my best each day to wake up positive and ready to go. I try my hardest to smother ALL of my babies with kisses and cuddles. I try to give as much one on one attention to them all (especially the older two now because obviously the baby gets a lot of me) - you can only do so much. One person can only do so much and you just have to know that you're doing your best, mamas. 

Newborn Photos

So if you're one of those people sitting on the brink of making a decision to have a third baby, then I'm hear to tell you to GO FOR IT. Why not, right? Life is already crazy with two, three is just adding a little extra crazy but a whole lot of LOVE. Yes there will be moments where every child is crying for you or where that sweet, little baby needs to be fed but you are tied up with a toddler sitting on the potty. And yes, your little ones may act differently and slightly disobediently just for extra attention because their whole life just changed in the blink of an eye - but it gets better. Just remember that you will get there. One day these moments will be just a faint memory. It won't be easy and I can't promise you won't cry, but you will get there. 

It's just a season of crazy and a forever of amazing. That's all I have for you six weeks into this, perhaps in a few more weeks we can chat again about life as a family of five. ;) 

What are you tips for adjusting to a new baby?


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos. 

Essential Oils for Postpartum Care

For more essential oil info, email me at themushymommy@gmail.com. To join my team, join here! 

For more essential oil info, email me at themushymommy@gmail.com. To join my team, join here! 

The postpartum period -- possibly one of the most sacred, hardest yet beautiful time periods that you can never get back. If it's your first baby you may be on a high and enjoying every moment as you figure out this motherhood thing, or perhaps you're stuck with anxiety about what to do. If you're not a rookie at this, then maybe you're just navigating along trying to adjust to another child, trying to form new routines and create a new normal for you and your family. 

Coming home with my third baby was totally and I mean TOTALLY met with less fear, anxiety and sadness than my coming home with my second. Not that I was sad or suffering from anything major with my second, but I definitely had anxiety for a bit about how I would manage to do this. It was overwhelming to think of caring for more than one child and that was sad. Fear is real when you come home with your second -- sure you know how to take care of a baby now, but can you manage to care for and equally dispense your love and care among TWO? (Guess what, you totally can)

That's what is great about a third -- you already know you CAN do these things! I already knew I can successfully take care of more than one baby. I already knew I would eventually develop new routines and find a new normal. It just takes time and patience. It takes some prayers and some sleep deprived nights.

 And oils. It takes OILS. 

While I was already a Young Living member when my second was born, I didn't go into it prepared to use my oils. I wasn't a super proactive oily user at the time. This go around I knew I wanted to be proactive and have oils on hand to help guide me postpartum and it has truly been such a great decision! 

Have the oils helped? Absolutely! These oils have helped contribute to an easier transition, a less emotional adjustment and a better sense of calm and confidence in tackling my days. I have never been one to need or turn to medication postpartum (or at all really), but if you are one who has needed medicine in the past during postpartum (or even after),  I highly recommend trying oils to see if they can help you! 

So what have I loved and what do I recommend? 

First off -- ROLL ONS. They get all the praise hands! 

Tranquil. I usually apply this mid morning to help keep me calm and laid back. I apply it at night sometimes if I feel wired as well. I love this oil! I have gotten many compliments on the scent of this oil since I wear it so much, it's basically my perfume now. It uses two of my favorite oils -- Cedarwood and Lavender and then adds in Roman Chamomile. It's your oil for ZEN. I swear it helps me keep my cool and high a higher level of patience. 

Stress away. Need I say more. When the kids are crazy, when the day is hectic and when life seems overwhelming I roll on Stress Away. This one is probably my favorite scent and I've long used this as a roll on. I truly feel like it helps me stay more patient and more understanding through the crazy. Roll it on and just walk away for a few seconds from the crazy! It won't fix tantrums, it won't cure the crazy and it won't keep you from wanting to hide in the closet every now and then, but it can help alleviate all of the insane stress and overwhelming feelings you experience (especially with a newborn and toddlers). 

*Deep Relief roll on can be great for aches and pains postpartum. 

Joy. Self explanatory really. Just apply a few drops over your heart, diffuse it or wear it as a fragrance on your neck or in a diffuser necklace. It's basically happy in a bottle. 

Progessance Plus. This is a nifty little bottle full of oils like Sacred Frankincense, Rosewood and Peppermint and many others to help with hormones and skin. It's ideal for women over 30 or even women in my case who are postpartum and have hormones settling back down. Add it to your moisturizer for your skin or apply on your neck and forearms for hormone support. It can help with things like sleep troubles, PMS, acne, depression, hot flashes, weight control (hook me up) hair loss and much more. *Please see a doctor if you think you are depressed. 

Gentle Baby. An excellent oil to promote a sense of calming for mothers and babies. It's also wonderful for fading stretch marks and can be used in sleepy time routines. This is excellent to diffuse in the home near bed time or if there are older siblings who need a little calm in their day. This oil smells wonderful and is a mommy must have!! Apply it to baby's sheets for better sleep or place on you and allow baby to breathe the aromas in while feeding! *For essential oil usage with babies or pregnancy, check out the book Gentle Babies. 

I'm sure there are many other popular oils that mamas have used and enjoyed postpartum. This is just a great start and foundation of oils that can help you adjust, help with your hormones and help keep you calm in the midst of the crazy. This is just my oily must haves right now and I plan to use these oils for quite some time. I totally believe in the fourth trimester, and these oils will be my buddies during it. 

Intersted in these oils and Young Living? Visit our Essential Oils section or email me at themushymommy@gmail.com. Want to join Young Living? Join MY team here!  

What helped you postpartum? How long did it take for you to adjust? 

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