Easy Pretzel Hug Treats

I shared this photo on Insty about a week ago and decided that I'd share this easy, peasy recipe with you.

You know,

because you just can't find it on Pinterest already...wink wink.

Set oven to 200

Place your Hug kiss in the center of your round or square pretzel (we used Snyder's Butter Snaps)

Bake for 4-6 minutes (you don't want them to melt, you want the kiss to still look like a kiss)

Press M&M's down in center

Eat and Enjoy

Let's be honest though, mine do not look as perfect as the ones on Pinterest.

Real life folks, real life. 

My first batch melted and still were yummy but unattractive and my next batch I took them out on time yet they still didn't look as glamorous. But boy were they a hit!

This may be a new holiday treat that I can look forward to making each holiday (and every few months in between).

What's your favorite holiday treat?