Easy Toddler Easter Craft

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and since I had all of the materials, it seemed like the perfect, easy craft for us! Little Bug loved it so much that she may have had a meltdown when I started picking up.

This is super easy for little ones to get the hang of. The paint colors did eventually mix up, but that's expected with such a young one. She kept saying "color" and would also occasionally try to eat a pom pom full of paint. She may have had a little blue around her lips towards the end. She was hilarious because anytime paint got on her hands, legs or feet, she'd make a face like "uh oh" and then would hold her hand out for me to clean it. She does not like to have stuff on her, that's for sure! I have several pictures of her inspecting her hands for paint and making "oh no" faces because she had tiny dabs of it on her.

She's such a mess! 

Moments like this I hope I never forget. It's worth the minor meltdown, the blue lips and the clean up. She's an artist and loves her colors, markers and paint. I love her little artistic side and surely can't wait until she can color and paint until her heart is content (and I don't have to worry about her painting walls and eating crayons).

Does your toddler love to do artsy crafts?