10 Cleaning Hacks for a Happy Home

Floors: Lowe’s // Cabinet Knobs: Amazon

Floors: Lowe’s // Cabinet Knobs: Amazon

While there are numerous blog posts and articles out there with tips on keeping your home clean, today I am going to be one of those bloggers and share some of the tips that work really well for us. Most of these aren’t a secret, but some of them are things we just haven’t all thought of or applied yet.

Sometimes it just takes having a certain “system” in place to make life easier and a bit more tidier. So here are some of my easy hacks for keeping yourself sane and your home a little more tidy.

Cleaning Hacks for a Happy Home

  1. Get rid of all the bottles. Imagine having only one bottle of cleaner that you needed to clean everything with? Countertops, floors, bathrooms, mirrors, etc??? Imagine not having to store umpteen hundred bottles under the kitchen sink. YES! That’s where Thieves cleaner comes in and saves the day because it is truly the only cleaner you need! It disinfects naturally, it is streak free and it will even clean out stains on fabrics.

  2. Clean your kitchen as you cook! I have found this little hack to be SO helpful to me while cooking dinner and making things slightly less stressful. I also find that making sure you start with a clean kitchen helps just as well too! Sometimes I dread cooking because of the mess it makes, but if you clean as you go, things will not be so overwhelming once dinner is finished.

  3. A load a day keeps the laundry at bay. But no really, have you heard the “do one load of laundry a day?” It’s actually very true! I even challenge larger families to go for two loads a day, because sometimes one load isn’t always enough to help keep our dirty clothes piles down.

  4. Have just one dirty clothes area. While it may seem easy to have children have their own dirty clothes and their own hampers, it’s more work on you when it is time to gather your loads of laundry for washing. Keep all hampers in one central location that way you just have one room to search and gather.

  5. Get rid of the plug ins and candles. While these may make your home happy, they are unfortunately making your home very unhealthy. Recent research shows that burning a candle for an hour may be the equivalent to smoking one cigarette! Our air within our homes is almost five times more polluted than the air outside; and candles and plug ins tend to be some of the biggest offenders. Switch to essential oil diffusers, open your windows and make your own DIY linen spray with essential oils and water.

  6. Keep a bottle of bathroom cleaner in the bathrooms. Have extra cleaners on hand with a roll of paper towels for quick cleaning right when you need it. If you use Thieves cleaner, have spray bottles in all bathrooms and in the kitchen.

  7. Pick up before something new. One of our biggest hacks around our home is to always pick up before we head to play outside, to run errands or to take naps. Basically any time we are changing our course for the day, we clean up and put things back to how they started. Even if it means that they will just make the mess again, it’s better for everyone’s sanity if we have a couple of clean up sessions throughout the day.

  8. Make the beds. Yes, you make the beds errryday no matter what. By age three we even start working on our children making their own bed. Having the beds made just makes the home feel cleaner and more put together. My day would be ruined if our beds were not made, ha!

  9. Bring in what you love. It is so easy to get caught up in a good sale or the clearance section at Target, the but the truth is that less is more. Buy things that you love, that are good quality and practical for your home. If you’re unsure about it, then wait on it. If you can’t stop thinking about it days later, then go grab it!

  10. Invest in a spray mop. These aren’t expensive at all, depending on the brand I suppose, but not having to fill a mop bucket and wring a mop out is wonderful. A good spray mop makes mopping easy and hassle free. You’re able to conquer it really fast and for quick clean ups. We even have our Thieves Cleaner in ours! Gone are the days of filling up buckets and making big messes…it’s a new age for mopping. You can even invest in a robot to mop your home and you’ll make homemakers everywhere jealous!

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