Essentials for the Pregnant Mama

 Find all items mentioned in this post in our online store with free shipping at The Mushy Mommy. 

Find all items mentioned in this post in our online store with free shipping at The Mushy Mommy. 

I remember when I became pregnant with my first child and my best friend gave me a gift. It was one of those adorable belly, pregnancy journals and a cute baby outfit. I loved it because it really made the whole idea of my being pregnant a reality. 

I know that often times, this is exactly what us girls do for each other - we give a small, meaningful or practical gift to celebrate what is perhaps the most life changing event ever. But sometimes we may not know what to give a new mama, especially if we haven't had children of our own. The whole world of pregnancy and baby items is quite overwhelming and if you're unfamiliar with it, you may not know what is in or what is needed. 

So today I'll share some of my favorite pregnancy must haves with you! These items make wonderful gifts for a new mama because they are practical and will get use! Add in some chocolate, a journal or sweet memento for baby and you're sure to get the hormones flowing with the happy tears. 

1. Pregnant Belly Salve. This. stuff. is. AMAZING. We all know one of the first things a newly pregnant mama needs is some yummy stuff to slather on that growing belly to prevent stretch marks and to help alleviate itching. I have tried a few different creams in my pregnant days and this is by far my favorite! I also have terrible itching this go around and it cures that so much! It truly works and my belly has luckily always looked like it did before thanks to using creams and salves. I even had a customer contact me who didn't use much during her pregnancy and had some stretch marks and this cream actually helped to fade them. Plus, it's all natural so that is huge because we don't want to slather toxins right over the skin that sits on top of our little bebe. Also available as an oil.  

2. Shrink My Feet Soak. Swelling in the feet is real during pregnancy and affects a lot of women. This bath soak or feet soak can actually help reduce the swelling and smells amazing too. The salts in this product can help to pull the fluids out of the body in the feet and can improve circulation. 

3. Pregnancy Herbal Tea. This tea can't be used until the third trimester, but it actually helps to prepare the body for labor. This is a wonderful gift for a mama who is all about gearing up for labor whether that is natural or not. Either way, this tea can help ensure the body may be able to do everything it needs to do naturally. Red raspberry leaf is a main ingredient and has been known to help bring labor on naturally as well as help the body through the process. 

4. Mama Body Butter. This organic lotion is great for all over use and again for decreasing the appearance of stretch marks. Don't just focus on healthier products for your belly, but for your whole body. It takes less than sixty seconds for the products we put on our skin to enter our bloodstream, so make it a healthy choice! 

5. Birth and Baby Oil. This can be a tricky one because not every birthing mother will use it (it is for perineal massage during childbirth) but even if they choose not to, it can still be used as a baby oil later on! 

6. Our Baby Bundle. We'll package together a nice selection of our favorite baby and mommy items and you just select which subscription you'd like to try! We even have one catered to cloth diapering families. Whether it is teethers, dishware, blankets or breast pads, we can send a beautiful package over to mama! 

What else is a great item for the new mama to be? A little bit of chocolate, a baby journal and maybe something sweet for baby like our Giraffe Lovey. Believe me, you can't go wrong when putting together a small and simple "Congrats" gift for the new mama to be! It's sure to be just what she needs. 

For more pregnancy information, keep looking through our pregnancy series, A Healthy Nine Months. 


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos. 

10 Gifts Every New Mom Needs


When it comes to giving new moms a great gift, some of us may stress about what truly makes a great gift. We may want to find the fanciest things, but sometimes the most practical and obvious gift, is the best one. 

Before we even dig into this chart, let me just say that three things not listed here that are truly a very well loved gift are 1) diapers, 2) wipes 3) medicines. Seriously, they seem so obvious and even boring, but if you are an experienced mama you know that these are the most used gifts of all. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to discover your baby is running fever and you don't have infant's Tylenol. Not to mention that new moms don't always know what medicines and remedies they should have on hand, so for a veteran mom to give that gift is truly a wise thing! 

Practical gifts are double hands up emoji awesome. 

Here's are 10 Items that are seriously amazing. Sometimes it is either a lifesaver or just a really good and well used item! 

1. The Hobo Bag from Logan and Lenora. So duh, we all love pretty bags and yes, new moms probably have a great diaper bag. BUT these bags have a waterproof lining and are machine washable. You have no idea how amazing this is until you've had milk cups leak in your bags or until you've had dirty bags from toting it around everywhere. It is also great because it is big enough for spare diapers, snacks, clothes and mommy essentials and still looks like you're carrying a cute purse rather than a bulky diaper bag! 

2. Muslin Swaddles. These are the SOFTEST baby blankets and I just love them! They are also typically very large in size and I'll just say that the monochrome theme is very in right now, so you can't go wrong with these colors! 

3. A Natural Rash Cream. So sure the natural chick in me is coming out on this one...but here is why. Sometimes diaper rashes are caused strictly from the chemicals in the diapers and wipes that we use. So why irritate it anymore (or at all) with a nasty rash cream?! Choose a natural one! Bonus is that these creams can be used for many things like cracked skin, cuts and burns even. 

4. Balm Baby Eucalyptus Rub. This is the natural alternative to Vicks Vapo Rub. There is some research out there that shows Vicks can be deadly if used too much on too little of a baby. So choose our rub that nixes that chemical and helps to clear baby's airways. This is one of those medicines that come in handy in the middle of the night! 

5. A Baby Wrap. My words of advice is that every mom needs a baby wrap for the first 6-9 months and then a good, structured carrier for the remaining months of baby wearing. Wraps keep babies close to mama in a womb like way and have amazing health benefits. Plus, mama gets to have her hands free!

6. This Teether Leash. A teether connected to a leash that is then connected to baby's clothes is the bees knees. No one wants to play fetch all day with a damn teether!

7. Balm Baby Teething Rub. This sells quite a bit in our store! It's all natural and sure to help teething babies get some rest and fuss a bit less! It's safe to put directly onto gums which eliminates the mess of Orajel or the like. 

8. Pampering Items for Mama. Whether it is chocolate, a magazine for baby's nap time (that likely still may not get read) or some skin care products, mama needs to have something to recharge and take care of herself with. I love our Glow exfoliating scrub! It works wonders! 

9. The Logan and Lenora Diaper and Wipe Clutch. It's like the best thing ever. Fits a few diapers (or one cloth diaper and a small wet bag), wipes and even your keys and wallet. Squeeze in a bottle of hand sanitizer, a pack of snacks for baby and even your favorite lip stick! It's PERFECT for quick errands, going out to eat, etc... I love these practical and stylish clutches. Waterproof and machine washable, because duh...moms need that!  

10. A Sippy Cup that IS spill proof! You will come across 131 cups that claim to be spill proof and I will tell you that this is the first one I discover to truly hold up to that claim. Even better, these are eco friendly and non toxic because they are made of recycled milk jugs in the USA and come in a rainbow of colors and are super inexpensive. Grab one for mama and she'll thank you later. ;)

So there you have it. A fool proof lists of items that you can't go wrong with. I recently just gave a first time mom the diaper and wipe clutch filled with essentials like the Bottom Balm, teething rub and other items I knew she needed for breastfeeding. 

Never hesitate to shop away from a mother's registry if you are buying practical items that EVERY mom needs. And if you know of a new mama, make sure to share this post or our store with her so she can add our items to her wish list or her Baby List registry. Thanks for reading and sharing! 

Rock on Mamas! 

It's Okay for Moms to Have Bad Days


If there is one thing that I can tell you I have learned about motherhood, it is simply that it isn’t easy. And THAT is okay.

So often I feel like mothers these days aren’t supposed to admit defeat or that they aren’t supposed to say they had a hard day. It's as if we need to remain Instagram and Pinterest perfect 24/7.

And some older generations apparently locked their rough days of mommyhood way back in their files of memories, so clearly they can't quite sympathize (cue the occasional eye roll). I suppose motherhood can be like childbirth, you do forget the hard parts over time and simply remember the complete and utter joy. 

But damn, I hate when people say, "I don't remember being as tired as you. I don't remember feeling as stressed as you. I don't remember my babies waking up as much as yours. My kids weren't sick. We did it like this... or You're only making it worse..." 

Mamas, I feel you and I know that you think that is crap. I know you don't always feel supported or validated when you say your day was rough or when you explain why you didn't get any sleep the night before. Or when you try to talk about a sleep regression. I know sometimes you feel like even your significant other can't quite comprehend what your day home alone with your precious and yet sometimes-bat-shit-crazy kids was like. 

There’s days of wanting to lock yourself in your closet for five minutes just to regroup. There’s moments of going to put the clothes away in your bedroom and you close the door simply because you want two minutes of peace and quiet. And there are plenty of days where you are impatiently waiting for daddy to get home because you’ve been waving your invisible white flag in surrender for the last hour (seriously the evenings are crazy!). By the time daddy takes his shoes off at the door, you're already running the bath water and pouring the wine (ha, I wish). 

Sometimes you pass a comment to others or to grandmas or the like, about how hard the day was and you’re met with a comment or a look like you shouldn’t be complaining. Granted, motherhood is a blessing and it is a blessing that unfortunately not all can experience, so I get it. We shouldn’t “technically” complain when others would give the world to be us. I get it. 

But I also get how YOU feel. I also get that it’s okay for others to not understand what it is like to spend ALL day alone with two toddlers while you’re six months pregnant with your third. Or perhaps others who do stay at home don’t understand the feelings of the working mama who has so much to juggle. 

We can’t understand each and every mama’s life and story. We can’t always relate and we definitely can’t judge. We can’t say that a mom of one doesn’t have much to make her stress about, just as we can’t expect an older generation mother of two aged gaped children to understand exactly what a modern mom of three toddlers under four is experiencing. Each situation and dynamic is so different. 

But what we can understand is that it is okay to be tired. It is okay to say you had a rough day and it is even okay to complain a little. It is okay! Raising kids, taming toddlers and taking care of babies is hard. Like really hard. It’s the best job in the world no doubt, but it is also one of the hardest and by far the most tiring. 

So mamas don’t judge. Don’t say it isn’t right for a mama to take a weekend break from her kids every once in a blue moon and don’t criticize the couple that takes a date night for themselves while the kids stay at their grandparents for the evening. We all need these moments and we benefit from them. They keep us in check and they help us to live a little. 

And definitely, don't make a tired, worn out mama feel any less about herself just because she said she had a rough day. Chances are, she is likely already beating herself up on the inside for not being as perfect as a mommy as she envisioned or for losing her patience too much that day. You never know the struggle of others, so lift them up. Empathize with them and remind them how awesome they are doing!


So mamas, just so you know - I know exactly how you feel on your hardest days. I know exactly how you feel on your best days and even on your just okay days. Just remember that on your hardest days there is always a fresh start for tomorrow. And I promise, you're probably doing a much better job at this then you think.

Good job, mama. 


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos.