Essential Oils and More for Babies

Using essential oils for babies is a beautiful, wonderful thing. With the right guidance, you can easily help support your little one from head to toe with just a simple touch of nature. 

While using essential oils on little ones can be intimidating for some, it's honestly a very easy and glorious task. Essential oils can support your baby and help them sleep better, feel better and even cry less. Why yes, that sounds beautiful right? 

When using oils for babies, you want to use only true, 100% pure oils. Unfortunately many labels out there are misleading and claim to be 100% pure when in fact they are not. In fact, they only have to be 5% pure to receive that fancy label. This means that other brands often contain synthetic ingredients or they are heavily watered down. Some companies even add man made smells to make their oils smell better - so crazy!

I only trust Young Living oils for my little ones because I know that by using just a drop or two, I am giving them all that they need because it is so pure and effective. I know that no toxins or chemicals are going into their bloodstream. It's a beautiful thing when you can support your family naturally. In our home, we strive hard to kick the toxins out and use only plant based products and essential oils. We aren't perfect, but we are pretty mindful and everything that touches our skin is pure. It's a passion I have as a mother, and if it's not yours, that's totally okay. We all get there in different ways eventually or perhaps just a few small changes is all that you are looking for. 

Below are some tips for using essential oils for babies and what to use them for:

  • Always dilute. There are some people who don't dilute, but I like to recommend to my readers to dilute for their little ones. You can easily search Pinterest for dilution ratios but honestly, we always do about two drops of oil to one, heaping tablespoon of coconut oil. Or we use one drop with a few pumps of the Young Living V6 carrier oil. Normally the ratio for babies is 1:30. 
  • Read Gentle Babies. Gentle Babies is a great book for pregnancy, mothers and babies. You can find this on amazon and it will breakdown a lot of the safety of oils for little ones. 
  • Invest in the Kidscents oils. These oils are already diluted, so just add a roller top to them and they are safe for your little ones. 
  • Do not apply citrus or photosensitive oils to areas that will be in direct sunlight. Normally your little one won't be in the direct sunlight anyway and typically citrus oils are rarely applied, so this is just something to file away and remember if needed. 

So what can you use your oils for? 

  • Baby Massage
  • Dry Skin, Irritations and bites 
  • Fussiness, Colic 
  • Gassiness, Indigestion, bellyaches
  • Immune support
  • Calming 
  • Teething 
  • Constipation
  • Coughing 
  • Cradle Cap
  • Diaper Rash 
  • Even cleaning! 

Which oils are great for what?

  • Sleep: Lavender, Frankincense, Orange, Peace and Calming, Dream Catcher, White Angelica, Sleepyize, Gentle Baby
  • Fussiness: Gentle Baby, Frankincense, Lavender, Orange, Peace and Calming, White Angelia, Joy, 
  • Tummy Troubles: Peppermint, Tummygize or DiGize
  • Immune: Frankincense and Thieves
  • Teething: Clove Vitality or Copaiba Vitality
  • Skin + Diaper Rash: Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium 
  • Constipation: Peppermint, Fennel, DiGize, Tummygize 
  • Respiratory: Snifflease, RC, Eucalyptus 

Where to apply them? 

Essential oils can be either diffused to be inhaled or applied topically. Young Living oils are so pure you can even ingest some of them, but we're not recommending that for the little ones. Just a simple diffuser in their nursery or a rub on the feet is typically all it takes. 

Most frequently you'll want to apply them to the bottoms of the feet for things like immune support, sleep and bellyaches. You can also massage the belly in a circular motion and for skin and calming support, a baby massage (or diffusing) is the perfect choice. For respiratory support, you can make a chest rub or diffuse for baby. We apply Copaiba Vitality oil straight to the gums for teething and it helps nix the fussiness. 

Oils for emotions. 

Young Living has many oils and essential oils blends that can be safely used for emotions. Since little ones aren't dealing with a ton emotions though, most of the time you can just get by with using Lavender + Frankincense (available in the starter kit) and maybe Gentle Baby (a favorite of mine!). 

Oils for sleep. 

Again, the possibilities are endless for oils for sleep. There are so many recipes and blends that you can use to help your little ones sleep. In fact, this is often the biggest testimony I receive from people is that oils helped their little ones to sleep better. Most people again just use Lavender and Frankincense from the starter kit and see success with this (we do!). Others often love Gentle Baby, White Angelica, Orange, Peace and Calming or Dream Catcher. 

Beyond the oils. 

The beauty of Young Living is that their products for little ones goes well beyond just essential oils. While you can easily make your own DIY products with essential oils, sometimes you just like the ease of ordering the essentials and being done. Young Living has a new baby line, Seedlings, that is so wonderful. Pure and natural products with a scent of essential oils that smells so incredibly dreamy. Their products include wash, diaper cream, linen spray, lotion, baby oil and baby wipes. 

I love the security and confidence I can have with using safe products and truly pure oils on my baby and even my older children. And this is just the start. Essential oils can support you and your emotions SO much (hello and goodbye postpartum ickiness). 

If you think that this is something for you and you still have more questions or it seems overwhelming, it's my job to take care of that and help guide you on this journey. Email me at or chat with me on my Facebook page. Lastly, if you're ready to go in to this natural journey with no fees, no monthly obligations and no crazy rules or obligations, then check out this link here to learn more. I would love to hold your hand down this journey to wellness, health and hopefully more sleep! 

Save the graphic below for guidance. 

Essential Oils and babies

Mom, I Need Oils!

Kidscents oils

You know you have crossed over into being a true "oily" family when your two and four year olds are requesting oils at the drop of a hat. Seriously sometimes I think they make up things just to have me put oils on them! 

We use oils on our little ones around here, something that I believe can be safely done each and every day. For starters we love to use our Immunity Stick to roll on our Thieves, Frankincense and Peppermint for a good, healthy day! Thieves and Frankincense are excellent at boosting immunity and peppermint is great for a wake me up/mental alertness type of oil. I also love that Frankincense can really help one feel grounded and "happy" in a sense. It can have a calming affect on some - so that's a win for my two year old in my book!

We also love these amazing Kidscents oils from Young Living because they are already prediluted and can go straight onto their skin! In fact, I have actually added roller ball tops to a few of these recently so that way I can apply it even easier. While many people are fine with using oils "neat" (not diluted) on their little ones, others choose the comfort of diluting with a carrier oil such a coconut oil, olive oil or the V6 oil from Young Living. 

But truth is, sometimes all of that mixing takes a hot second and we all know that moms have limited seconds in their life these days! So that's why I love these quick and easy to apply oils!

While these oils can't be purchased as a set, you can purchase them individually and they are all under $20! The oil blends include Sleepyize for sleep support, Tummygize for digestion, indigestion and tummy support, Snifflease for the sniffles, Geneyus for focus and Owie for bruises, booboos and bites. 

Here's why I love this...because sometimes kids get mosquito bites that last for days. Sometimes kids pick booboos just for "attention." And sometimes kids fake a bellyache just again, for attention (mine love medicine for whatever reason). I surely would hate to turn to my medicine cabinet for every little thing they come up with when Lordy knows they don't really need those chemicals and medicines in their little bodies and bloodstream. I rather have something natural, safe and effective on hand! 

My Simple Personal Guidelines for Oils on Kids

  • I dilute most oils with the exception of something like Lavender or Frankincense
  • Leave the door open if diffusing in their room + usually use the intermittent setting if there is one
  • On my newborn I only use oils as needed for support, not preventative. However I will add things like Lavender or Gentle Baby to lotion or coconut oil for massage after bath. 

Yea, it's pretty simple. 

If you've been on the fence about beginning your oily journey, I'm pretty sure my kids will tell you to DO IT. They are 100% proud little oilers! I've seen the affects so far on my little ones when using oils -- for instance, having the Tummy support completely cutting out my newborn's gas so he could get some sleep! 

I love my oils and so do my kiddos. So make sure to check out the links in my essential oils section if you're interested or shoot me an email at I would love to help answer your questions!

Cheers to healthy, strong and courageous kids!



Our Favorite Toy Lines

Toys are one of those things that can excite and frustrate a mama. You can become excited over finding the perfect toy that your child just loves and then you can become frustrated at all of the toys lining about among your house and scattered about in your living room.

I go at a cross roads with toys as in the fact that I don't want my kid to have too many toys but like many mamas, there are certain toys that I get so excited about and would love for my child to have. When it comes to toys, I love simplicity. I love toys that last, toys that teach and toys that require imagination. Even a simple baby doll requires the imagination of a two year old to play "mommy." Whereas on the other hand, an electronic toy doesn't always hold attention or isn't easily understood by a young toddler and just becomes a blinking object that sings fun songs and eventually dies in toy heaven because the batteries don't work or because your kiddo dropped it one too many times (the case here).

So what are some toy favorites around our home?

Our toys consist of primarily books, puzzles and kitchen items. Most toys we have are wooden or eco friendly, but believe me, there are plastic toys in the mix and it's simply something that I can't quite refrain from (she loves her little Daniel Tiger figurines). We have a few electronic toys and some have captured her attention here and there (a VTech vacuum cleaner was a hit) but many of them don't hold her attention for long.

There are several toy lines that I always turn to when I want or need a gift for my daughter or other kids, so let's check them out. While I wish they were all American made, they are not unfortunately. There ARE awesome American made wooden toy companies out there, but since we don't really own many of those I didn't include them in the list.

pictured here: pot from Green Toys, play food and stacking ring from Plan Toys, xylophone from Voila, puzzle from Hape, eggs from Haba and doll from Apple Park

Green Toys. 

I can't rave about these toys enough. They are USA made and made from recycled milk jugs, making them pretty dang eco friendly and awesome. We have several pieces from Green Toys and hope to expand on those as we get older!

Plan Toys, Hape Toys and Voila Toys. 

This is perhaps my favorite lines because there are some amazing toys for great prices among these three lines. They all pride themselves in being sustainable wooden toy companies that use safe toys, water based paints and are all environmentally friendly. However the one downfall to these companies is that they are not American made and are manufactured in Asia.

Haba Toys. 

Very similar to the above companies in terms of being eco-conscious,  but the toys are manufactured in Germany rather than in Asia like the above two companies (that's a bonus in my book). We actually only own one or two Haba toys but it's definitely a company to go to in search of good, wooden toys. They also have a line of unique dolls!


We only have one Janod puzzle, but I love that like the above companies they produce safe, eco-conscious wooden toys but they do this in FRANCE. Woohoo for not being China made!

Melissa and Doug.

Melissa and Doug isn't necessarily any sort of environmentally friendly company, but their products do go through rigorous testing and I love many of their wooden toys. However on an upside, many M&D puzzles are USA made.

Dandelion Toys. 

We don't currently own any of these adorable soft, organic cotton toys simply because she is a little too big for them, but for my next one she'll have a full stock considering we sell them in the


! They have some of the sweetest looking stuffed friends and dolls.

Apple Park.

One of my favorite organic toy companies! I just simply love the designs and colors of their lovies and stuffed friends! We truly hope to get them in the shop one day as well as a few of the above lines. They make the perfect organic, and inexpensive baby presents. I just love them!

So here is my list of those awesome go to toys for when I'm searching for gifts for my little one. I just have a love for wooden toys like you wouldn't believe and simply oogle all things simple and wooden!

What are some of your favorite baby toys?